Our List of the 6 most Outrageous Mailboxes

 We're at it again! This time we have spent our lunch hour scouring the web for the most outrageous Mailboxes we could find! Being in the business of Roofing and Painting we find ourselves coming across some fascinating clients. In our previous list we discovered that exterior paint jobs are a creative way to express ones individuality. But we have determined that people will express themselves … [Read more...]

Exterior Painting ‘Before and After’

Ravlin's Exterior Paint Before and After

We were recently approached by a client in the Springboro area that needed to update the look of their home to get it ready for sale. By painting the brown windows  a calming tan, adding a splash of color by painting the siding an inviting green, and including 4" trim pieces to the body of the house, we were able to update the look and bring this home back to life.  It's amazing what a fresh … [Read more...]

When Should I Paint My House?

Peeling Paint Job

How long should a new exterior paint job last? Would a fresh coat of paint help sell my home? Do weather conditions have an effect on an exterior paint job? Are you currently thinking about painting the exterior of your home? But don't know the answer to these and other questions? Here at Ravlin's we want to make the process easy and painless. Our painting experts have come up with a list of … [Read more...]

10 Outrageous Exterior Painting Jobs

Hello Kitty!

We've painted a lot of houses in our day. We have been asked to use some unique colors and have worked with some interesting clients.  So we started thinking...what would be the most outrageous painting jobs ever completed?  After spending a few lunch breaks on the world wide web we compiled our list of 10 Most Outrageous Exterior Painting Jobs.  Check out our picks and let us know what your … [Read more...]

Ravlin’s Roofing and Painting is now servicing the greater Cincinnati area!

We are proud to announce that Ravlin’s Roofing and Painting has expanded its services to the greater Cincinnati area. At Ravlin’s we offer our clients affordable roofing and painting solutions that focuses on excellent customer service and dependable craftsmanship. Whether you have a leaky roof or are in need of interior or exterior painting, Ravlin’s has you covered. We have over 60 years of … [Read more...]


Specializing in roofing, painting, siding, and gutters and we service residential and commercial clients. Looking for a professional roofing or painting contractor? We understand that you have a choice when it comes to who you choose to perform these services. At Ravlin’s we understand that your home is your sanctuary. We thrive on customer service and we carry the strong opinion that you should … [Read more...]